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7 News - The new game changing fresh water pool system Naked Pools is featured on 7 News as a 'game-changing' fresh water pool system.
Striking the right balance Naked Pools is thrilled to announce its new NKD-pH Controller to compliment the NKD-R and NKD-C Freshwater Systems. Since its inception, Naked Pools has revolutionised the conventional approach to pool sanitisation.
Discover why more Australians are getting Naked in their backyard pool. Following on from its success in 2020, Naked Pools stole the show in the Products category at this year’s SPASA Australia Awards of Excellence, taking home six Golds, including Product of the Year Award in Victorian and Tasmania.
‘NKD-R Freshwater System’ recognised in Australia’s International Good Design Awards for Design Excellence. ‘NKD-R Freshwater System’ Recognised in Australia’s International Good Design Awards for Design Excellence. The winners of Australia’s peak international design awards were announced today during the 2021 Good Design Awards Week.
PH controller Enjoy easy maintenance of your freshwater pool with the NKD-ph controller. We’re the leading freshwater pool system provider in Australia.
Swimming pool ionisation systems The future of backyard swimming is swimming pool ionisation systems! Speak to our team today about building or converting to a freshwater swimming pool.
In-floor self cleaning pool An in-floor cleaning system is essentially a self cleaning pool mechanism that allows for little maintenance. Contact us to learn more!
Salt water pool maintenance Salt water pool maintenance is costly and time-consuming. And in the end, a salt water pool is still just a chlorine pool. So what’s the better alternative?
Pool cleaning chemicals There are a number of sanitisation systems for cleaning & disinfecting swimming pools such as the innovative NKD-R freshwater system.
Mineral pool vs salt water pool What are the benefits of a mineral pool vs salt water? Is there an even better alternative? What if your pool water was clean enough to drink? Read more.
Can my pool be chlorine free? Would you prefer to swim in a chlorine-free pool? We explore the best alternatives for sanitising your pool. Transform your pool today!
Build your own natural swimming pool How to build your own natural swimming pool. Innovative pool experts explore tips for making your own freshwater pool.