Converting Existing Pools

Mineral pool conversion to freshwater Mineral pools have been all the rage in recent years, but what exactly is in a mineral water pool & what are the disadvantages? What’s a better alternative?
Converting a Magnesium pool to freshwater What is better, a magnesium pool or a freshwater pool? If you’re looking to convert your existing pool, renovate or build a new pool, choose the best sanitiser.
Salt water pool conversion to freshwater We explore how a salt water swimming pool works & what chemicals are actually in a salt water pool or spa & why a freshwater pool is better.
Converting your pool to freshwater If you’re looking to convert your chlorine, salt, or mineral pool to a freshwater pool then Freshwater Pool Systems can help!
PH controller Enjoy easy maintenance of your freshwater pool with the NKD-ph controller. We’re the leading freshwater pool system provider in Australia.
Mineral pool vs salt water pool What are the benefits of a mineral pool vs salt water? Is there an even better alternative? What if your pool water was clean enough to drink? Read more.