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What is a freshwater pool?

Freshwater is the innovative approach to pool sanitization.

Naked Pools, the industry leaders in this field, define freshwater as water identical in taste, feel, and softness to the water from your household tap or that of a freshwater stream.

By incorporating natural minerals like copper and silver, the need for chemicals in traditional pools, including chlorine, is significantly reduced.

Freshwater facts


Facts are, there is no real completely freshwater for swimming pools. All water needs some form of balancing. Water in nature finds its own way of balancing through plant life and the earth’s natural minerals.

The fact is that less than 5% of the world’s water is completely fresh water. In a swimming pool, water needs some chemical to assist it to balance and effectively keep water safe for swimming. The way to be closest to fresh is minimising those chemicals and other substances in the water, such as salt or magnesium and potassium. This is classified as TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). The NKD-R Freshwater System operates on the lowest TDS of any pool sanitiser on the market.

We rule out up to 50% of chemical required in the pool and, importantly, reduce salt or mineral requirements by over 80%. The end result is a much more crystal clear, healthier swimming pool that’s not only better for you and the family, but it’s also better for your pool equipment, pool surrounds, and the environment.

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Why is freshwater the best choice?

Freshwater pools offer an exceptional swimming experience with low chemical content, making them ideal for individuals with allergies, asthma, eczema, or psoriasis.

The reduced salt and mineral levels in the water result in less corrosion, protecting the pool equipment and surrounding areas. Moreover, these pools are environmentally friendly, reducing water wastage. In the long run, freshwater pools require less maintenance, leading to cost savings.

Facts about swimming pool chemicals

Most swimming pools have traditionally used hazardous chemicals such as chlorine and cyanuric acid to minimise algae growth and bacteria. Even saltwater and mineral pools rely on chlorine, and we are all too familiar with the smell and feel from these pools – it irritates skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, can induce asthma attacks and causes harmful reactions in allergy sufferers. These chemicals are hazardous, they’re costly, and they are a hassle.

The technology used in the Naked System is similar to that used by NASA to sanitise drinking water in space and prevent algae growth by utilising copper and silver. What you’re left with is healthy, rejuvenating, crystal-clear water that contains less chlorine and chemicals than the water from your household tap. While the initial investment in a Freshwater System may be more expensive than a typical salt chlorinator, it will save you hundreds of dollars a year on upkeep due to lower chemical and power consumption.

Not to mention, a freshwater pool extends the life of your pool surrounds and equipment as well as being better for the environment. You will save water as you can repurpose it direct to your garden or grey water tanks, and there is no need to shower or wash your swimwear after taking a dip. You won’t need to drive out to your pool shop every second week to lug back bucket loads of nasty chemicals and bags of salt either. Most importantly, you and your family will have a healthier and safer swimming pool all year round.


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How is it different to mineral or salt water?

Mineral and salt pools are similar – both create and rely on retaining chlorine in the pool. Minerals can also be very expensive and often the water can have an unpleasant taste.

The Naked System also produces traces of chlorine but without the need for it to stay in the water due to copper and silver residuals. The end result is the water has less chlorine than tap water.

About mineral pools

After many years of swimming in liquid chlorine pools, assuming it was the only option for effectively sanitising swimming pools, Australian’s started to ask, is there an easier and less harmful way?

Saltwater pools became popular, followed by mineral pools using magnesium and potassium salts. Both options reduce the need for high levels of straight chlorine, as well as the impact on the environment. Unfortunately, both still require high salt or mineral content to produce chlorine which remains as the main sanitiser in the pool that causes skin and eye irritation and damage pool equipment, surrounding outdoor furniture, and plants.

We decided it was time to come up with a sanitisation system that produces clean, soft and pleasant swimming pool water that’s equivalent if not better to Australia’s leading tap water! Our pool sanitisation system is designed to be a true competitor to salt and mineral pool systems.


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How does it work?

We use proven methods for water sanitisation that have been around for hundreds of years, and designed it specifically for swimming pools and swim spas.

The primary sanitiser in the water is a tiny residual of copper and silver – Mother Nature’s natural algaecide and bactericide.

Then combined with an automatic Oxidiser that ensures your pool will always have crystal clear water.

Minimal chemicals and maintenance

Our innovative system safely and effortlessly purifies your pool water without the need for adding chlorine, high salt, or expensive minerals.

The Naked Hybrid System is made up of a digital control unit which supplies and manages current to an electrode assembly (OXI & ION Cell). Electrolysis passes through the copper and silver anodes, releasing the ions into the water. The silver disinfects the water controlling bacteria while the copper prevents algae growth and actually has a kill rate up to twenty times more effective than chlorine.

Your pool will be disinfected and sanitised all year round with minimal chemicals and minimal maintenance, providing you with crystal-clear pool water that delivers the ultimate swimming experience in your backyard pool.

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How does the cost compare?

Naked Systems are comparable after considering the costs of magnesium and chemicals required for other pools.

On the average sized pool (45,000 litres) we expect savings anywhere from $600 – $900 per annum. (All pools vary in use, location, environment, temperature, etc).

This biggest return on your investment comes from the freshwater giving much better longevity to pool equipment, surrounds and landscaping.

Works with all pool types

Designed to work on any kind of domestic swimming pool and surface type for water volume between 5000 – 150,000 litres. We don’t do small spas, but swim-spas, plunge pools and even above-ground pools are ideal for fresh water.

Talk with your pool builder and advise the type of water you want for your pool. The builder then purchases the system direct from us and installs just like any other sanitiser but with a lot less chemical and salt put in your pool before it’s being filled.

If you’ve chosen a builder who is not familiar with our Freshwater System, we are more than happy to speak with them on your behalf. Generally, it just means they don’t understand the technology and fear it’s too different to what they’ve been doing for years. However, every time a builder installs their first system, they cannot believe how simple it is it install and use. And of course, just like you, your builder is backed by our industry leading customer care plan!

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What happens when my pool’s finished?

You’ll have an easy-to-manage swimming pool.

You register your product with us via our Naked App and we support you with our industry-leading Care Plan and full five-year warranty.

Our customer support centre and Naked App is full of resources and video content to educate and support you about your Naked pool.


Every Naked Freshwater System installed in Australia and New Zealand includes a 12 Month Customer Care Plan, to ensure the system and the pool is everything it should be.


Once the system is installed and you’ve registered your system with the Naked App, we:

  • Provide a first check-in call to introduce you to your new pool and freshwater system
  • Offer regular follow-up calls during the first 12 months

Ongoing support

We support you by ensuring you:

  • Fully understand your pool setup
  • Have access to a full suite of support resources including the Naked App
  • Our online Help Centre and Customer Support Line
  • Freshwater Pool Specialists in your local area such as pool shops and mobile service technicians


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