The Naked Pools Digital Power Pack and Oxidiser Electrode will be repaired at no charge for a period of 36 Months from the date of purchase should it be found, after examination, that the failure has been caused by faulty workmanship or materials. This is a back to base warranty. The Ioniser rods are a consumable item and therefore will need replacing from time to time depending on the size of swimming pool. The Ioniser rods do not have any warranty. The warranty applicable to commercial application is limited to 12 months from the date of installation. Commercial models purchased have 24 months.

Adverse operating conditions beyond the control of the manufacturer such as improper voltage or water pressure, excessive ambient temperature or any condition that adversely affects the performance of the equipment will render this warranty null and void.

Defective equipment must be returned to the manufacturer or dealer as soon as the purchaser becomes aware of the defect and all transport must be prepaid. Neither the manufacturer nor the dealer shall be responsible for any goods damaged in transit.

If after examination the equipment is found to be defective it will be repaired or replaced free of charge (other than transport costs which will be borne by the purchaser). However, if upon inspection of the equipment it is found that the terms of this warranty are not satisfied, then the usual charges of the manufacturer for repair or replacement will be made.

Any liability of the manufacturer pursuant to the Trade Practices Act 1974, as amended for a breach of a condition or warranty shall be limited to replacing or acquiring the equipment (or part thereof) where the same has been supplied.

The maximum liability incurred by the manufacturer shall not in any case exceed the contract price for the equipment or the product parts or components thereof claimed to be defective. Further, the manufacturer shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay directly or indirectly caused by any malfunction of or defect of or failure of the equipment other than as expressly provided in this warranty.

Products sold by the manufacturer are designed for use with swimming pool water balanced in accordance with the Langelier Saturation Index with a pH range of 6.8-7.8.

The manufacturer will not be held liable for damage caused by, but not limited to, corrosion, scaling or stress.

The Warranty is void under the following circumstances:

– Installation is carried out incorrectly by any person other than a person authorised by us to do so.

– The Power Pack, Oxidiser Electrode or Ioniser Rods is serviced by any person other than a person authorised by us to do so.

– The Power Pack is not protected from the elements.

– The Power Pack is not operated in a position/area with good ventilation.

– Water has been allowed to enter the Power Pack or Cable connections.

– Run in a commercial installation unless a commercial model is purchased.

– Insect infestation or penetration by dust, sand or other foreign particles inside the Power Pack.

– Damage beyond our control.

– Equipment that has been misused, neglected, damaged, repaired with out authorisation or altered in any way.

This warranty is applicable to workmanship and materials only. This warranty is not transferable under any circumstance. This unit is for use in domestic swimming pools unless otherwise specified. Keep your original purchase invoice and serial number in a safe place.

When making a warranty claim, please note the following information MUST be provided or claim may not be approved.

– Model Number
– Power Pack Serial Number
– Oxidiser Electrode Serial Number
– Proof of Purchase showing the Purchase Date and Purchased From
– Installation Date
– Installer
– Your Full Name
– Your Phone number
– Your address Details
– Details of the Issue

We keep extensive production and sales records so this information will expedite the processing of your claim.

Naked Pools reserves the right to modify any model without notice.

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