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Nothing feels as good
as swimming in freshwater.

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Naked water – swimming as nature intended™

With the world’s best quality water on tap, Australians appreciate the benefits of fresh water. Yet when it comes to our nation’s favourite pastime, we’ve all accepted that chlorine and saltwater were the natural order of things.

Not anymore.

Less chlorine than your household tap

A breakthrough system by Naked Pools can safely and effortlessly purify your pool water without need for adding chlorine, high salt or minerals.

How it works

The benefits are crystal clear

No red eyes or
irritated skin

Perfect for asthmatics,
psoriasis and eczema

Up to 50% saving on
running costs

Longer lasting equipment
and pool surrounds

No need to wash swimwear
or shower after swimming

Easy to set up
and manage

Recycle the water direct to
your garden or holding tank

Natural, rejuvenating
and refreshing

Naked Pools Products Naked Pools Products

"Our pool is so low maintenance and the odd time we need assistance the customer service has been amazing!"

Rachel Jan

Gold Coast

"The water quality is second to none and is gentle on the most sensitive of skin."

Natalie Finneran

"There aren’t many businesses left that provide after sales services like this anymore. Kudos to the Naked pools team."

Courtland Williams

"I’ve now had this system for over 2 years it’s been amazing - no more chemicals. Had 2 friends also made the switch to the naked system after my recommendation and have never looked back. "

Patt Stelliini

"The best thing we ever done to our pool."

Kit Anderson

Mudgeeraba, QLD

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Every Naked Freshwater System includes a 12 Month Customer Care Plan, to ensure the system and the pool is everything it should be. Find out more.