The growing alternative to mineral pools

Having moved away from chlorine and saltwater, Australians demanding a healthier alternative have been turning to ‘mineral pools’, or magnesium pools as they are correctly termed, for a better swimming experience

Taking into account that one in three Australians have some kind of skin condition, or suffer from asthma, it’s little wonder growing numbers of consumers are carefully considering the purity of their pool water.

Compared to a traditional chlorine pool, mineral pools are gentler on the skin, however the water still contains high levels of chlorine and can irritate skin and affect breathing for people who suffer from asthma.

Now there has been another leap forward in water purity. The technology in Freshwater Systems has advanced considerably in the past 5 years and Naked Pools, with an award-winning breakthrough system, is at the forefront.

As swimming pool innovators with a combined experience of over 30 years, we believe that freshwater pools sanitised using copper and silver is the future of swimming in Australia.

Isn’t it time you started swimming Naked ?

While a salt or mineral pool still uses chlorine as the residual sanitiser in pool water, the Naked NKD-R Freshwater System uses silver and copper to sanitise the swimming pool. This is because algae cannot grow in a copper environment, while silver is a natural bactericide with purifying qualities, and these minerals remain in the pool to constantly sanitise the water.

Maintaining a mineral or magnesium pool is generally more costly than other types of pools, upgrading to a Naked NKD-R Freshwater System typically saves between $700-$900 per annum in running costs due to power, mineral salts and chemical savings.



The clearest breakthrough in backyard swimming

  • Any new or existing pool can have a Naked Freshwater Pool System installed.
  • Water that is better for you, your pool surrounds and equipment, not to mention the environment
  • Water so good you could drink it with no need to shower or wash clothing after swimming

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