Converting Your Existing Pool

Convert your backyard swimming pool into a freshwater oasis

Convert your pool into a freshwater pool

With less chlorine than household tap water, freshwater in your pool is refreshing and rejuvenating.

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Why convert your existing pool?

Are you tired of adding salt or expensive minerals? Spending too much time managing the pool water chemistry or wasting time and money with constant trips to your local pool shop?

Have you experienced equipment failure or deterioration due to high salt and chlorine or just don’t want to shower or wash swimwear every time you use the pool?

The freshwater alternative

After many years of swimming in chlorine pools, assuming it was the only option for effectively sanitising swimming pools, Australian’s started to ask, is there a less harmful way?

Saltwater pools became popular, followed by mineral pools. Both options reduce the need for high levels of straight chlorine, as well as the impact on the environment. Unfortunately, both options still require high mineral content to produce chlorine, the main residual sanitiser in the pool that can cause skin and eye irritation and damage pool equipment, surrounding outdoor furniture, and plants.

We decided it was time to come up with a sanitisation system that produces clean, soft and pleasant swimming pool water that’s even close enough to drink!

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Is your swimming pool affecting your asthma and skin allergies?

Sadly, Australia is the world leader per capita when it comes to asthma and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. If you currently own a chlorine, salt or mineral pool, your possibly feeling the irritation of these conditions after swimming.

It doesn’t have to be this way just because you want your family to enjoy the other health and social benefits that having a backyard swimming pool or swim spa can bring.

Discover the benefits

The genuinely healthier alternative is a freshwater system which uses silver and copper to ionise the swimming pool safely and effortlessly without the need for adding chlorine, cyanuric acids, high salt or expensive minerals. This is because algae cannot grow in a copper environment, while silver has purifying qualities that are actually good for you. These minerals remain in the pool to constantly sanitise the water, keeping the water free from algae, bacteria and other unwanted and harmful organisms and is actually up to twenty times more effective than chlorine alone.

What you’re left with is healthy, rejuvenating, crystal clear water that contains less chlorine than the water from your household tap. Beyond the health benefits, freshwater pool systems are reliable, easy-to-maintain and in the long run, deliver greater cost benefits protecting the longevity of your pool equipment and surrounds.

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Will the system work for my pool?

The Naked System works on any swimming pool or or large swim spas and designed for any environment be it cool, hot or tropical, with many installations all across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and some other parts of the world.

It is also specifically designed to accommodate all pool surfaces, both indoor and outdoor pools, as well as all forms of heating such as solar, electric inverters and gas.

Innovative technology

The equipment setup is no different to any other product on the market and may only require some small plumbing adjustments when either installing the Naked Cell Housing and pH Controller or replacing your existing chlorinator.

The technology used in the Naked System is similar to that used by NASA to clean drinking water and prevent algae growth by utilising copper and silver rather than chlorine. What you’re left with is healthy, rejuvenating, crystal-clear water, which we believe is the ultimate swimming experience.


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How is it different to mineral or salt water?

Mineral and salt pools are similar – both create and rely on retaining chlorine in the pool. Minerals can also be very expensive and often the water can have an unpleasant taste.

The Naked System also produces traces of chlorine but without the need for it to stay in the water due to copper and silver residuals. The end result is water with less chlorine than your household tap.

Pure and Simple – swimming as nature intended™

Chlorine, high salt or minerals and other chemicals used in pools can be dangerous for your family and everything else in your backyard too. They destroy your surrounding garden, kill your grass, and stain and corrode your paving and furniture. However, the water purified by the NKD-R Freshwater System is so pure you can even use it to water your plants.

Imagine taking a swim in silky smooth fresh water, no horrible chlorine stench burning your nostrils and eyes, not having to lather your kids in special creams or take showers after having a dip. It’s swimming as mother nature intended, pure and simple.


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How do I convert my pool?

We ask you to provide us with a water test to best advise next steps to convert your pool. You may need to dilute some of the salt/minerals and other chemicals.

Our ideal water requires only 10-15% of salt or minerals compared to chlorinated pools and we do not require stabilser in the pool water. Diluting the water gives the best possible experience directly after installation but you can let the water and chemicals dilute over time.

Easy installation

If you’re looking to convert your pool from a highly chemical-laden pool to a more environmentally friendly pool that is healthier for you and your loved ones, choose a freshwater pool system. Our freshwater systems can be used to easily upgrade your chlorine, salt, mineral or other pool to a sparkling, crystal clear freshwater pool.

Your new and improved swimming pool can be modified in one single afternoon, providing you with a more cost-effective, healthier and inviting pool that’s better for the environment.

Get in contact with us to find out more and discuss how you can convert your existing pool into a freshwater oasis.

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Make pool maintenance even easier?

The perfect compliment to your Naked Freshwater System is the NKD-pH Acid Doser. Extending this same innate drive for pioneering technology to its pH system, Naked Pools’ NKD-pH Controller is an automatic acid feeder to ensure your pool remains at the perfect pH, making pool maintenance even simpler.

Save your time and money

The NKD-pH Controller offers two options for managing the acid dosing. Daily dosing based on the pool size or by pH demand. The system uses the same digital interface already available with the Naked System, making it a friendly face for both new and loyal Naked Pools’ customers.

  • Probe Free – doses acid based on size of the swimming pool
  • Plug and play
  • Adjustable running and priming timers
  • High quality peristaltic pump
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • PVC rollers ensuring low wear and tear
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How does the cost compare?

On the average sized pool we expect savings anywhere from $600 – $900 per annum (All pools vary in use, location, environment, temperature, etc).

The biggest return on investment comes through reduced chemical consumption and the time spent managing your pool. Not to mention much better longevity of your pool equipment and protection of pool surrounds.

Less visits to the pool shop means more savings for you and more time enjoying your freshwater oasis.

The RRP for the Naked NKD-R Freshwater System is $4,350 inc gst and delivery.
We also recommend the inclusion of our pH Controller for even simpler pool maintenance. RRP$1,250. We do offer a special Bundle price for both products when purchased together which is $5,300 inc gst. A saving of $300.

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Can I still use my local pool shop or pool service tech?

Absolutely. We provide you with the resources including water testing bottle, the Naked App and other tools when getting your water tested or pool serviced.

It’s important for others to know when managing your water that you now have a ‘freshwater pool’ and they don’t need to be selling you all those nasty chemicals or have you lugging large bags of salt out to the car when they’re just not required any longer.

Full installation and ongoing support

It’s not unfamiliar for us to hear a customer has gone to a pool shop to have their water tested and been told they need to spend hundreds of dollars because their pool water is so low in salt, minerals, chlorine and other chemicals. Fact is, a Naked Pool doesn’t require these levels that traditional pools do. So it’s important that when using a pool shop or service technician they understand the correct water balance for your pool and that you won’t require half the chemicals or anywhere near the salt of most traditional pools.

The Naked App and other resources provided with the system will help you and your provider have a clear understanding of your pool and you’ll be walking out a light lighter in your arms rather than your wallet.


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