Watch our video on how to convert your existing pool.

Almost any pool can be converted to a Naked Freshwater Pool System. Our systems are designed to be versatile and are compatible with most standard filtration and pump systems, delivering natural, fresh water in just a few simple steps.

Our pool conversion process is 5 easy steps:


Test the salt levels in your pool with a water test. 


Take photos of your current pool equipment.


Email the test results and the photos to us.

Our team will get in touch to advise on costs and requirements.
Once payment is made, we’ll deliver the system and arrange installation!

To convert your pool, our technicians simply disconnect your old chlorination equipment and install your new Naked Pool system. Depending on the type of pool you have, we may need to partially or fully drain the pool before we can install your new Naked system. We’ll let you know if this is the case so you know exactly what’s going on throughout the process. 

Read on to learn how you can convert your pool.

Convert from Chlorine

Chlorine is the traditional way to keep your pool clean, but that doesn’t make it the best. If you have sensitive skin or other conditions, it can make swimming a painful experience. 

Converting your chlorine pool to freshwater is easy. Once we know the chlorine (TDS) content of your pool, we’ll work out whether we need to dilute the water with fresh water. Then, we’ll arrange installation and our technicians will take care of the rest. Just give our team a call and we’ll have your pool converted in no time.

Pool Chlorine Free
salt water

Convert from Salt Water

While saltwater is a relatively simple option to sanitise pool water, it is used to generate high amounts of chlorine and can leave everything around your pool covered in salt residue and even damage pool surrounds, equipment and your garden over time. 

We can convert your saltwater pool to a freshwater one, keeping things natural while removing damaging salt. Our technicians will drain some or all of the water in the pool to reduce the salt content. Then we’ll replace it with fresh water and install your new Naked Pool system.

Convert from Magnesium

Tired of spending hundreds per month to maintain your magnesium pool? Sick of the taste of the water while swimming? A freshwater pool could be the answer. 

Converting your magnesium pool to a freshwater one is as simple as removing the old system and installing the new one. Our freshwater pools come with all the benefits of a Magnesium pool at a lower cost. Convert your pool today!

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best mineral pool

Convert from Mineral

If you’ve discovered your mineral pool is really no different to a traditional salt pool, just a lot more expensive to maintain, it’s time to make the switch. 

Our team can quickly swap out your mineral pool system for a freshwater one. Once we know the salt content of your pool, our technicians will know what to do. They’ll drain all or part of your pool’s water, if required, and then install your new Naked Pool system.

In just a few steps you’ll have fresh, clear and natural water all year round!

Convert from Ozone

Unlike a pool that combines Ozone, freshwater pools don’t need the additional chemicals to function and keep chlorine in the pool. We can replace your chlorinator and you can even keep the Ozonator on your pool, although it’s not needed, and you’ll have fresh water for years to come. 

Convert your Ozone pool to a healthier, lower maintenance pool option today! Our installers can have your new system installed fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Naked systems require 90% less salt or minerals than traditional pools. While they’re great at keeping your water fresh, they don’t do well if there is already a lot of salt in the water and of course, we want you to have the freshest possible swimming experience. 

A pool test will tell us how much salt there is in the pool. If the salt/TDS level is more than 2000ppm, we will need to partially or fully drain the pool. This will reduce the salt content in the water by replacing it with fresh water and ensure your new Naked Pool system can do its job properly. Once these levels are reduced the Naked systems smart technology registers the levels to avoid any high levels of chlorine being produced.

Ideal levels of salt/TDS in a Naked pool is as low as 800ppm but once diluted to under 2000ppm you can allow the rest to dilute naturally over time to attain optimal levels.

The overall cost of conversion includes the price of your new Naked Pool system which typically includes installation for a standard pool setup. This is why we ask you for water test results and photos prior to finalising the conversion. There may be additional costs should you require our technicians to drain water from your pool using a submersible pump as this can take time and multiple visits. 

If there are things that need to be repaired or remedied, there may be additional fees. Rest assured, you’ll find out about these before we go ahead with anything.

Absolutely! Many of our customers choose to install their own Naked system, ordering from either our website or from a local retailer. Installation and plumbing is practically no different to any other chlorination system and we have an App, Guides and of course are always available to assist you with any queries. 

It is important that you follow the guidelines about reducing salt levels in your existing pools to no more than 2000ppm to avoid any warranty issues