Frequently asked questions

Why is a Freshwater Pool System Different?

The hybrid NKD-R System is made up of a digital control unit that supplies and manages current to the electrode assembly (OXI & ION Cell). Electrolysis passes through the copper and silver anodes, releasing the ions into the water. The silver disinfects the water controlling bacteria and the copper prevents algae growth. The minerals left in the water form a residual that continues to sanitise the water. It is not affected by UV or heat like traditional sanitisers. Not only does this mean you do not have to add additional chemicals such as stabiliser or clarifiers, but the continuous effects of the minerals means you can run the system for half the time of traditional sanitisers. This amounts to big savings in power and ongoing running costs. In addition, oxidisation is used as water passes over the oxidising plates producing small, untraceable amounts of chlorine ensuring organic matter (dust, dirt, oils and body fats) and other contaminates are eliminated from the water.

Can I change my pool over to be Freshwater?

Absolutely. The clever engineering of the Freshwater System can be retrofitted to any existing pool and spa. Depending upon how high the levels of salt or chlorine are in your pool currently, you may need to drain some of the pool water and replace with Freshwater.

Can you add Magnesium or other minerals to the pool?

YES. The system is designed to work on very low levels of pool salt or mineral salts such as magnesium and potassium.

How does the NKD-R Freshwater Pool System differ from other similar products?

We are the latest and most technological Fresh Water System available today. Fully digital, customised and automated to your pool with no manual interaction. The unit comes standard with DUAL timers allowing you to maximise the full potential of timer settings for your pump ensuring huge energy cost savings.

What are my ongoing costs with the NKD-R Freshwater Pool System?

Like every system there are ongoing costs for maintaining a healthy pool. The silver and copper rods in the system do wear as water passes over them and the minerals are released into the water. On a standard sized, well-balanced swimming pool, these are expected to last between 3-4 years and are easily ordered and replaced by the pool owner. However, the ongoing ownership of an Freshwater System is much lower than traditional systems due to the reduction in chemicals, power savings and the longevity of your pool equipment and surrounds.

What equipment do I need for my freshwater pool?

There are three major components required for a healthy freshwater pool. These are the pool pump, filter and the sanitisation system. Naked Pools supplies the system to effectively sanitise your water either direct to you or via your pool builder who would then package pump, filter and system for your pool at installation.

What happens if there is a problem with my system?

All trouble shooting is handled directly by Naked Pools and should a fault occur, the system alerts you to notify us with our contact details. Our online App is also available for troubleshooting, tips for pool management, videos on how the product works, pool calculators and more. You can download the App here –

Does the Naked System work with External Controllers (Automation)

The Naked System is compatible with any external pool control system and will slave to the controller allowing it to switch the unit ON and OFF. Your builder/installer will be aware of how to do this however, if unsure, please Contact Us or find out more via our Setup of External Controllers.

What is the typical life expectancy of the copper/silver anodes?

The ioniser anodes will last approximately 3-4 years on an average size pool (40,000-50,000 litres). The Freshwater Pool system will alert when they are due to be replaced and can be ordered direct from Naked Pools or a local dealer. Replacement costs are $510 delivered to your door. They are designed to be plug-n-play and take less than a couple of minutes to swap over. You can order online HERE

What are the consumables required apart from salt/minerals?

Minerals or salt are only needed at the time you start and balance your pool, we need 800ppm TDS in order to be conductive and fully operational. The only time you will need to add further salt or minerals is if the water is diluted from either splash out or heavy rainfall. For a 40,000L pool you will need normal water balance (pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness). For this size pool we require approximately one bag of 20kg salt or the equivalent in minerals depending of what you choose to use. The consumables are the ION (copper and silver) rods and will need replacing approximately every 3-4 years. The OXI cell will last at least 5-7 years. Ongoing you should monitor your pH on a regular basis and dosing will be required like any other swimming pool. Please note acid usage is always high in new pools until the surface settles to its environment.

What are the copper levels in the water and is it harmful?

Copper levels are maintained between 0.2ppm – 0.5ppm. A copper test kit is provided with every unit and we recommend testing copper levels every 1-2 weeks during summer. These levels are not harmful and in most cases referred to as beneficial. You would need to drink about 8 litres of pool water to induce the same amount of copper your body absorbs from healthy food and vegetables on a daily basis. More information about benefits of copper can be found here:

Can copper stain my pool surface?

Nearly 30 years ago, Ionisation was very popular for pool sanitisation. However it was not well controlled and if an owner didn’t understand their system, they could run it for too long putting too much copper in the water. Latest technology in the NKD-R System, the control unit is programmed to the size of your pool during installation to ensure the right levels of copper and silver minerals are maintained.

Is the product certified for health regulations?

The Fresh Water System is fully certified along with the NKD2 Copper Mineral Anodes that are registered with the APVMA under Product Number 83498. To be fully certified with the APVMA the Ioniser must be combined with a method of Oxidisation which is why we refer to the Naked System as a Hybrid product combining both these methods in a single unit. You can read more detail and reference to ionisation in this article – Demonstrating efficacy of pool and spa sanitisers.

Why doesn't everyone have a freshwater pool?

That is the NUMBER ONE thing customers say to us after installing and swimming in a Freshwater Pool! For those that have had swimming pools in the past, either chlorine or salt, they cannot believe the difference in water quality and how soft the water feels while swimming. Another common feedback is how easy the system is to install and maintain and the fact they don’t have to run to the pool shop every second week to purchase additional chemicals such as stabiliser and blockout to maintain their pool.