Naked water – swimming as nature intended™

With the world’s best quality water on tap, Australian’s appreciate the benefits of fresh water.

Yet when it comes to our nation’s favourite pastime, we’ve all accepted that chlorine and saltwater
were the natural order of things. Not anymore. A breakthrough new system by Naked Pools
can safely and effortlessly purify your pool water without need for chlorine, salt or added minerals.


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“We’re all about fresh water,
pure and simple.
Make the healthier choice
and turn your own backyard
into a freshwater oasis.”

No red eyes or
irritated skin

Perfect for asthmatics,
psoriasis and eczema

Up to 50% saving on
running costs

Longer lasting equipment
and pool surrounds

No need to wash swimwear
or shower after swimming

Easy to set up
and manage

Recycle the water direct to
your garden or holding tank

Natural, rejuvenating
and refreshing

“When customers ask,
‘What is a freshwater pool?’,
I pour them a glass of water.”

Gary Michael, Gary Michael Pools, Sydney


Having been truly tested and proven in the market for more than 5 years now, Naked’s Freshwater Pool System safely and effortlessly purifies pool water without the need to add chlorine, high salt, or expensive minerals.

It’s like swimming in a freshwater stream.

It’s well known that Australia has some of the best quality tap water in the world.

Chlorine is one of the main additives in our domestic water. In nearly all cases, the amount is so small that you are not able to smell or taste it. The same applies to a Naked Pool.


“We have built over 100 Naked Freshwater System pools, and it’s by far the nicest, easiest, and cheapest way to maintain your pool. And we receive nothing but positive feedback from our customers about the system and service from the team at Naked.”

Dean Rogers, Rogers Pools, Brisbane

The benefits of swimming Naked are crystal clear.

  • No red eyes or irritated skin
  • Perfect for asthmatics, psoriasis and eczema
  • Up to 50% saving on running costs
  • Longer lasting equipment and pool surrounds
  • No need to wash swimwear or shower after use
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Recycle water to garden or holding tank

How a freshwater system actually works. 

The Naked System is a unique hybrid product comprising of a combination of both oxidisation (chlorination) and copper/silver ionisation. The system operates on record low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels of 800-1000ppm, so the amount of salt required in the water is 500-700ppm, leaving the water just like drinking water with no chlorine feel, taste or smell. In fact, the chlorine used to oxidise the water, when testing levels in the pool, the expected amount is 0-0.5ppm without the need for cyanuric acid or any other harsh chemicals.

The copper and silver residual is maintained in the pool water at all times acting as a natural algaecide and powerful bactericide.



Australia’s most awared pool sanitiser. 

It’s not only our customers that love swimming Naked. Manufactured right here in Australia, and recognised by our national industry body SPASA, the KD-R System is the most awarded pool sanitisation system for 2020 and 2021 including multiple gold awards for New Product, Sustainable Product and Product of the Year in Australia and New Zealand.

The perfect accessory to the Naked Freshwater System.

pH is the most critical part of any pool water sanitisation and keeping it within range means an easier to manage pool and happy customers.

The NKD-pH acid feeder is simple plug and play technology. Once connected to the NKD-R Control Unit the clever algorithm automatically doses acid depending upon the pool size. Ongoing management and reliability is simple as there are no probes to clean or calibrate.


The digital control unit is easy to use.

At the heart of the Naked Hybrid System is the digital control unit. You just turn it on, it asks you a few questions (the size of the pool) then it does everything it needs to. It will even set the dual timers up automatically for you. Supply your client with the resources from the starter pack included in the box and it’s ‘job done’!

“We’ve installed dozens of Naked Freshwater Pools
and they’re with us at every step,

before and after completion.”

Rainwise Pools, Melbourne


The Naked System is simple to install.

When it comes to installing the Naked System you’ll find it’s no different, if not simpler than other systems. All the information you’ll need is clearly laid out in the Installation & Startup Guide, as well as the Naked smartphone App.

There are many configurations for plumbing the cell housing while the slimline control unit, fully rated for outdoors, will fit easily into just about anywhere.

Balancing the pool water is no different to any other pool as far as pH, alkalinity and
calcium but with far less salt or minerals than you might be used to, and just like
other systems, it’s important this is done prior to starting the Naked System.

The financial benefits to swimming Naked really add up.

Although the initial upfront cost of the Naked System may appear higher, compared to a chlorine, salt water or mineral pool, the average size family swimming pool using the Naked System should save between $700-$900 per annum in running costs due to power and chemical savings, which over the years adds up well into the thousands.



The Naked System is better for pool equipment.

Without the harsh chemicals found in chlorine and salt/mineral chlorinated pools, a fresh water pool protects the customers investment over the long term. The water is not corrosive, protecting equipment such as pumps, heaters, pool surrounds and is even better for the environment.

Flexibility for design

The Naked System works with any pool surface, and provides greater flexibility
for architects and landscape designers working with smaller spaces that require
the pool build to be closer to the home, indoors, or have design landscaping next
to the pool. Plants, paving and expensive stonework won’t be damaged from
harsh chemicals.


Converting an existing pool is easy.

Almost any existing pool, plunge pool or swim spa can be converted to a Naked Freshwater Pool System, typically in less than an hour. The Naked System is designed to be versatile and is compatible with most standard filtration and pump systems, delivering natural, fresh water in just a few simple steps.

To convert a pool, simply disconnect the old chlorination equipment and install the new Naked Pool system. Depending on the existing salt and chemical levels, the water may need to be partially drained and rebalanced during the conversion.


Download the Naked App.

To further help you and your customers they can download the specially created App, which helps with troubleshooting and provides answers to commonly asked questions.

Download the Naked App