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Which Pools Are Easiest To Maintain? Saltwater vs Freshwater There’s nothing like the luxury and pleasure of having a backyard oasis to enjoy on a hot summer’s day. At the same time, we all know pool ownership requires ongoing maintenance. The ideal outcome for any pool owner is to maintain a crystal-clear, usable pool with the minimum of ongoing effort and costs.
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Channel 9 - 'Renovate or Rebuild' Naked Pools is featured on Channel 9's 'Renovate or Rebuild'. View the episode.
What is a Freshwater Pool? Imagine taking a swim in silky smooth fresh water, no horrible chlorine stench burning your nostrils and eyes, not having to lather your kids in special creams or take showers after having a dip. It’s swimming as mother nature intended, pure and simple.
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The Real Cost Of Owning And Maintaining A Pool In Australia A backyard swimming pool is often considered the epitome of luxury and relaxation, especially in a country like Australia. However, it's essential to understand all the costs that comes with pool ownership.
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Can My Dog Swim in The Pool Every Day? As the temperatures rise and summer approaches, many dog owners find themselves pondering the same question. Here are the facts.
Mineral pool conversion to freshwater Mineral pools have been all the rage in recent years, but what exactly is in a mineral water pool & what are the disadvantages? What’s a better alternative?
Converting a Magnesium pool to freshwater What is better, a magnesium pool or a freshwater pool? If you’re looking to convert your existing pool, renovate or build a new pool, choose the best sanitiser.
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Salt water pool conversion to freshwater We explore how a salt water swimming pool works & what chemicals are actually in a salt water pool or spa & why a freshwater pool is better.
The growing alternative to mineral pools Having moved away from chlorine and saltwater, Australians demanding a healthier alternative have been turning to ‘mineral pools’, or magnesium pools for a better swimming experience.
Converting your pool to freshwater If you’re looking to convert your chlorine, salt, or mineral pool to a freshwater pool then Freshwater Pool Systems can help!
How do you achieve a sustainable pool and what are the benefits? As global temperatures continue to soar, Aussies are increasingly looking towards sustainable pools that not only keep them cool but strive to keep the planet cool too.
How freshwater pools work The way to be closest to fresh is minimising those chemicals and other substance in the water such as salt or magnesium and potassium. This is classified as TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).