Which Pools Are Easiest To Maintain? Saltwater vs Freshwater

There’s nothing like the luxury and pleasure of having a backyard oasis to enjoy on a hot summer’s day. At the same time, we all know pool ownership requires ongoing maintenance. The ideal outcome for any pool owner is to maintain a crystal-clear, usable pool with the minimum of ongoing effort and costs.

Let’s compare the pros and cons of saltwater and freshwater pool maintenance.


While saltwater pools remain a popular choice for many, they come with significant upkeep and ongoing expenses. From equipment maintenance to water chemistry balancing, the demands of saltwater pool ownership can quickly accumulate both in time and financial investment. Here are some of the main points to consider:

• Salt Corrosion: Regular inspection and cleaning of pool equipment such as filters, pumps, and skimmers are essential to prevent salt-related damage and ensure optimal performance. The saltwater can also harm or kill any plants or lawns adjacent to your pool.

• Maintenance Cost: At first glance, opting for a salt system may seem like the more economical choice compared to installing a freshwater system. However, it’s essential to consider the long-term costs involved. While the initial installation cost may be lower, the ongoing expenses associated with purchasing bags of salt and necessary chemicals can quickly add up, ultimately making it more costly to maintain in the long run.

• Water Chemistry Balancing: Continuous testing and adjustment of water chemistry parameters, including salt levels, pH, alkalinity, and stabiliser levels, are necessary to achieve proper balance and water clarity.


In recent times freshwater pool systems have become increasingly popular in Australia with both pool owners and builders. Naked has been leading the way with our award-winning NKD-R Freshwater Pool System.

This innovative hybrid technology dramatically reduces the need for chemicals, with Naked pools typically containing less chlorine than regular drinking water.

Here’s why the NKD-R Freshwater Pool System emerges as a superior choice in terms of maintenance:

• Reduced Chemical Dependency: Bid farewell to the perpetual cycle of chemical treatments. With the Freshwater System, you’ll revel in pristine water without the need for excessive chemical additives. Harnessing the power of nature’s minerals—copper and silver—the NKD-R system naturally purifies and disinfects your pool water, significantly reducing the need for additional chemicals.

• Enhanced Durability: Say goodbye to worries about equipment degradation. Unlike saltwater systems that can accelerate wear and tear on pool equipment, the Freshwater System’s gentle treatment ensures prolonged equipment longevity, further minimising maintenance expenses and ensuring peace of mind.

• Minimal Ongoing Costs: Unlike saltwater pools, that can be notorious for their hefty maintenance expenses, the NKD-R system offers long-term savings. With fewer chemicals and diminished reliance on high volumes of pool salt, you’ll experience substantial reductions in maintenance costs over time, ensuring a more budget-friendly pool ownership experience.

• Streamlined Maintenance: Simplify your pool upkeep routine. Installation is seamless, and once installed, the system requires minimal maintenance. You will have more time to bask in the joys of pool ownership without the burdensome maintenance worries.

• Environmentally Conscious: Embrace sustainability with a pool system that prioritises environmental stewardship. The NKD-R system’s natural approach to water treatment diminishes chemical runoff, promoting eco-conscious pool ownership. By reducing your pool’s environmental impact, you’re not only enhancing sustainability but also contributing to a healthier ecosystem.

In essence, if you’re seeking a maintenance-friendly alternative to saltwater pools that offers substantial cost savings, streamlined upkeep, and environmental responsibility, the NKD-R Freshwater Pool System emerges as the ideal choice. With its innovative technology and commitment to simplified maintenance, the NKD-R system allows you to enjoy a pristine pool experience without the burdens of excessive maintenance costs and complexities. Experience the future of pool ownership with the NKD-R Freshwater Pool System—where maintenance meets efficiency, affordability, and sustainability.

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