Pool System Upgrades

You think your pool could be better but you’re just not sure what’s missing. What pool system upgrade should you get? For a swimming experience that’s tailored to your needs, find ideas in this list of the most recommended pool system upgrades.

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Copper-Silver Ionisation System

An excess of chlorine in your pool water can dry out your skin and hair. You can upgrade your pool to be better for sensitive skin. Regular pools tend to have high amounts of harsh chemicals which can worsen eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

Instead of a salty pool with a chlorine stench, you can have a crystal clear freshwater oasis. By upgrading your pool system to copper-silver ionisation, you’ll save on maintenance requirements for your pool, its surrounds, and pool equipment.

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Variable Speed Pumps

Like other pool system upgrades, a variable speed pump is better for the environment and electricity costs than a traditional single-speed pump. Despite being initially more expensive, a variable speed pump is a worthy investment if you really want to upgrade your pool. Variable speed pumps improve filtration, are less noisy, and help maintain water features.

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Non-Gas Heating System

You have a great pool but you can’t bear to use it. Why? Because the water’s too cold! Or maybe you already have a pool heating system but it’s using gas. Though gas pool heaters are effective, they can quickly add to your energy bill. Some alternatives to gas heating systems are electric heat pumps and solar pool heaters.

Typically, electric heat pumps have a higher initial expense but overall lower maintenance costs. That’s because an electric heat pump gets heat from the air instead of a fuel. Of course, the most eco-friendly way to heat your pool would be a solar heating system. However, solar pool heaters can’t work without the sun.

Pool Accessories

If you have a tree near your pool area, chances are its leaves will find its way to your pool. You’ve probably already spent some time carefully removing those leaves and other icky things from your pool. But you don’t have to do that with a pool cover.

A pool cover is just one of the many pool accessories you can add for fun-filled swimming activities. You can get pool steps so that you can lounge in your pool or water slides for kids and adults to have fun on. As long as you have the space, the possibilities are endless.

Water Features

A great way to impress other people visiting your pool is to have a water feature. Similar to pool accessories and pool lights, there are a lot of water features to consider.

For an elegant aesthetic, rain curtains (water flowing from a beam like a curtain), water walls (water covering a wall), and cascade waterfalls (water flows out from a structure above pool ground and into the pool) are excellent choices.

For a more fun vibe, rock waterfalls (think lagoon waterfalls or natural waterfalls) and deck jets (water jumps out from a hole in the pool deck and falls into the pool) are good ideas.

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pool system upgrades

LED Pool Lights

For most people, swimming in the dark is a scary experience. Having lighting in or around your pool can make night swimming much more enjoyable. Pool lights also give the place a classy touch, making it perfect for entertaining guests at pool parties. If you’re adding pool lighting, be sure to get LED pool lights instead of halogen lights.

LED lights are more energy-efficient, which means these lights consume less electricity. There are also many different types for you to choose from. You can have your LED lights around the perimeter of your pool, its steps, and other water features.

Pool Alarms

If young children will be swimming in your pool, you should get a pool alarm for their safety. While you definitely shouldn’t leave kids unsupervised, pool alarms can at least give you added reassurance that a child won’t sneak into your pool without you knowing.

While nearly all are motion-activated, pool alarms can have varying levels of motion sensitivity and detection precision. A sub-surface alarm is generally recommended for residential pools while a perimeter alarm offers maximum security for commercial pools.

Now that you have plenty of inspiration for your next swimming pool system upgrade, consider converting your existing pool into a Naked Pools Fresh Water System. This system is a hybrid of copper-silver ionisation and oxidisation. What this means is that your pool will need less chemicals and maintenance but will still be completely sanitised.

Our Fresh Water System can also be retrofitted to existing swim spas and plunge pools. Plus, it works well with variable speed pumps!

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