Pool Filters Wholesale

For retail pool shops looking to buy pool filters wholesale, here’s a list of popular wholesalers offering pool filters in Australia:

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Cartridge filters for wholesale:

  • Fulflo Tri Cartridge Filter for areas with irregular or scarce water supply
  • Opal Cartridge Filter for quick installation, removal, and cleaning
  • Opal XL Cartridge Filter for maximised dirt holding capacity
  • Trimline Cartridge Filter for easy maintenance and long warranty period

Media/Sand filters for wholesale:

  • Micron Media Filter for fibreglass winding technology and depth filtration
  • Exotuf Filter for high pressure rating (2.5 to 3.5 bar / 36.28 to 50.80 PSI)
  • Exotuf Plus Top Mounted Filter for hydraulically efficient lateral system

They also offer other pool filters wholesale.




Cartridge filters for wholesale:

  • Clean & Clear Plus Filter for a corrosion resistant injection moulded tank
  • FreeFlo Cartridge Filter for special filter elements and low maintenance

Media/Sand filters for wholesale

  • Triton II Sand Filter for a fibreglass reinforced tank with UV resistance
  • Tagelus Sand Filter for top-mounted multiport valve and barrel unions

They also offer other pool products wholesale.


Cartridge filters for wholesale:

  • CS Cartridge Pool Filter for removable cartridge elements and compact design
  • CV Cartridge Pool Filter for an extra large drain port and high flow rates
  • ZXC Cartridge Pool Filter for a powerful cyclonic water filtration system

Media/Sand filters for wholesale:

  • Titan Series Thermoplastic Pool Filter for a clamp lock design head and durability
  • Titan Series Fibreglass Pool Filter for a robust design and oil filled pressure gauge

They also offer glass filtration media (Zodiac Crystals).




Cartridge filters for wholesale:

  • StarClear Plus 9 for an effective filtration area of 9.83 sq ft / 0.91 sq metres
  • SwimClear Single Element 150 Sq.Ft. Filter for 13 sq metre filtration area
  • SwimClear Single Element 200 Sq.Ft. Filter for 18 sq metre filtration area

Media/Sand filters for wholesale:

  • 24 in. Pro Series Sand Filter – Top Mount for a sand capacity of 300 lbs
  • 36 in. Pro Series Plus Sand Filter for a sand capacity of 500 lbs
  • 31 in. Pro Series Plus Sand Filter for a sand capacity of 700 lbs

View their entire pool filter collection.


Cartridge filters for wholesale:

UF 80 Ultra Fine Filter for 3 micron or 1/10 particle size filtration of media filters
Viron QL Cartridge Filter for reduced power consumption and high water savings
XC Pool and Spa Cartridge Filter for patented cyclonic water filtration technology

Media/Sand filters for wholesale:

ECA Sand Filter for a high strength tank fit for small to medium-sized pools
CA Media Filter for a unique under drain and advanced injection moulding
Top Mount FG Fibreglass Media Filter for higher flow rates and capacity

They also offer pool furniture for recreation and water sports activities.

A pool filter is just one component of a pool filtration system. Other components such as a heater, pump, and sanitiser are required for the entire filtration system to be effective. Aside from pool filters, a high-tech pool sanitiser might also be a welcome addition to your shop.

The Naked Pools Fresh Water System is Australia’s most awarded pool sanitiser. Featuring a digital control unit and an OXI & ION Cell, our Fresh Water System is the perfect choice for customers who want less chlorine in their pools.

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