Swimming pool ionisation systems

A copper ionisation pool is the future of backyard swimming. Using forward-thinking technology based on age-old methods to purify the water in your pool, the Freshwater Pool System is the freshest thinking alternative to your chlorine or salt pool. A copper ionisation pool can clean and disinfect your pool without the need for heavy use of chemicals such as chlorine or high levels of salt. Our innovative sanitisation system creates silky smooth water and provides the ultimate swimming experience in domestic backyard pools!

Does copper ionisation work for pools?

Yes! Copper ionisation is a great way to clean and purify the water in your swimming pool. Ancient Greeks discovered that water that was stored in copper pots was free from algae growth. In the late 19th Century, water was passed through various porous materials impregnated with silver, creating positive ions and purifying it. Today, an ion-generating device can be installed in the circulation system. It’s an electrode assembly (a copper and silver electrode) and an electronic control unit that supplies current to the electrodes. Electrolysis then passes copper ions into the water where the silver disinfects and the copper prevents algae growth.

What is a copper and silver ionised pool?

Metals such as copper and silver can be used for water disinfection if they are ionised. Pool ionisation systems work by releasing ions into your swimming pool water. These ions are natural and safe for human skin, as well as the environment. A copper ionised pool is, in fact, a great option for people with skin conditions that might react to chlorine in pools. The Ions in the water disinfect and purify the water and continue to do so even when the system is not running. By using copper for preventing algae growth and silver for eliminating bacteria, your swimming pool ionisation system doesn’t require any other chemicals such as chlorine.

The benefits of ionisation in a pool

The advantages of installing an ionisation system such as the Naked Freshwater Pool System in your swimming pool are many!

  • Reduced Running Costs
  • Recycle Into your Garden
  • No Damage to Pool Equipment or Pool Furniture
  • Your Bathers Won’t Deteriorate
  • Reduce Your Chemical Usage and MaintenanceEnjoy Swimming in Healthier Water

Convert your pool to a freshwater pool!

If you have an existing chlorine, salt or mineral pool, you can transform your swimming pool into a freshwater oasis. It’s easy; contact us today to learn more. Imagine taking a refreshing dip in crystal clear, silky smooth freshwater and feeling refreshed and reinvigorated afterwards. You won’t need a shower; you won’t have sore red eyes. Convert your pool to clean and clear freshwater today!

Contact us for more information about converting to a freshwater pool