See what freshwater fans are saying about Naked Pools.


I’m not a person to rush in to recommended companies until I get to experience the product, the service and what it looks like later on. If you are like my husband and I we are busy, but we want a great pool with minimal maintenance. We installed the Naked System in March this year. We could not fault it in any way. At any time we required service or assistance I was able to call Justin and he would go through all settings with us and he also has great internet videos that go through the filter processes. Thanks Justin for answering my calls immediately and delivering us a pool we all can’t wait to enjoy this summer. The water looks gorgeous!!!

Dani and Alex

Sunshine Coast QLD

We have now had a Naked system on our pool for over a year now. We have really loved the fresh water swimming experience. The water is beautiful and clear with no chlorine smell and no stinging eyes. It uses less chemicals which is great for you and your equipment.

Campbell Loader

Mornington VIC

10/10 for this product – it’s been amazing for us.

Elton Whittle

Perth WA

“Awesome product, faultless service. We have used next to no chemicals of any kind since the set up last year. The water always stays crystal clear and tests perfect. After speaking with Justin a few times on the phone he has talked me through the very simple programming and the machine has looked after itself. Even after pool overflows from torrential rain and top ups from tank and tap water, the system retains perfect water quality. I can’t imagine having to stuff around adding products and monitoring levels only to end up with a far less pleasant feel to the water.”

Mick Rafferty

Brisbane, QLD

“WOW We are truly impressed hand on my heart I’ve had this system 2 months now and only used 4ltrs of acid and 8 kg of buffer and 1 x bag of salt (60000 litre pool) and this was a brand new pool Justin’s service is top notch, I reckon I have called him 20 times plus and every time he has talked me through the process and mind you it’s not difficult I just wanted to make sure I gave it the best chance and we are just so impressed. We tell our boys that’s there bath some nights as they get out of the pool and don’t have any smell of chemicals at all. So easy to setup to use and to maintain best of all chemical spend is no where near our old salt water pool. Thanks Justin and Naked pools we will be sure to recommend you to our friends PS the pool shop we have been buying our start up chemicals from keep telling us we will need chlorine one day so far the are so wrong, they actually are quite surprised Thank you again for our awesome pool water.”

Michael Crompton

Brisbane QLD

“Love our Naked Pool in Cooktown, so clean and doesn’t smell like chemicals.
The after care and support has been amazing. Highly recommend.”

Leslyn Auchterlonie

Cooktown, QLD

“Shameless shout out to Naked Pools for their AWESOME #NKD1 freshwater pool system and amazing customer support. Cheers Justin, we’ll tell anyone with ears. From horrid green to super clean in a matter of days and not a tub of chlorine in sight!”

Bee Juice

Kalbarri, WA

“I changed Ionizer from an inferior make and installed the Naked System 4 months ago on my 160,000 litre pool. This is far superior system that is more digitally controlled. We have a tropical climate where we need a system that works 365 days a year. I just love this system. Very upmarket system and the comments from my guests are ALL positive. Thank you Naked Pools”

Ian Mitchell

Phuket, Thailand

“I’ve been using two NKD-1 units to handle my 170,000L pool for the last 6 months, and it has been faultless. I replaced an older, different copper/silver ion based system which relied on non-chlorine based oxidising chemicals. The main reason to replace the previous system was that the oxidising chemicals that needed to be used were irritating and highly acidifying – so my intention was simply to have a different oxidising approach. However, I also found the copper dosing to be far more efficient and accurate – previously I had precipitation of copper all over the pool in tiny brown spots – all this is gone now. The copper never gets out of balance, and no need for strong oxidising chemicals that irritate the eyes and nose. The chemical balance of the pool is now extremely stable and so far only required one litre of acid in the 6 months I have been using the system – so that instead of having to add 25Kg per year of bicarb to counteract the previous oxidising chemicals, I now need to add acid – in minute amounts. On top of that, the rate at which the copper is consumed seems glacial, and it looks like replacing the electrodes and the oxidising plates would be a two minute job that even someone as useless with his hands as I can manage easily. It is a pleasure to be able to recommend this product without reservations.”


Perth WA

“We are very happy with our Naked pool Ionizer/Sterilizer; the water is exceptionally soft, no chlorine odour on our bodies as well as the absence of that feeling of dryness and stickiness Chlorine does; not to mention, that feeling of tiredness that has been experienced in the past. Also, the water is surprisingly very clear.We highly recommend it. Great work Naked Pools and a big thank you.”

John & Mary Caporale

Bonville NSW

“I did lots of research on the sanitation system for our new fibreglass pool and finally decided on the NKD1 system. This enables my family to have a nice fresh water swim and for me to enjoy the superior control system (set and forget). We all love the ‘soft’ water feeling when swimming and not having to deal with the salt in the clothes, hair or on the skin. The imperceptible amount of chlorine produced by the system also means my kids don’t get sore eyes from the hours they spent in the pool each day. As we are on tank/bore water we have to be careful with our water use. It is a real bonus to be able to use the discarded water from the pool directly in the garden. The pool company took some time between filling the pool and installing the NKD1 system which meant the pool went green. The photo I have attached below shows the pool only 24 hours after the NKD1 was switched on – we were very impressed. I had a question about the system just after it was installed as the pool company did not add the small amount of salt to the water to get the system started (which the manual said they should). I rang the Naked Pools service number on a Saturday afternoon and left a message (I’m in WA so it was very late afternoon in QLD). I got a call back from Justin that afternoon who talked me through the issue and advised the right amount of salt to add to the pool – great service. I only had one other time to call the service number after I played around with the control settings myself and the water went a little cloudy (I forgot about the set and forget feature of the system). Again Justin was able to troubleshoot over the phone and advise me very diplomatically I should just put it back to the factory settings. This returned the pool back to sparkling within a day. The only work I have to do is keep the water balance right which you need to do with any pool sanitation system. When showing our new pool and fresh water system off to family and friends I have had more than one person ask me, “Why doesn’t everyone have this system?” Good question.”

Kirk Kitchin

Stoneville WA

“Set up was really easy and the water quality and clarity is amazing!”

Josh Schwal

Ringwood VIC

“I have the Naked Pools system installed at my swim school. The system is completely automated and runs itself. The water quality is second to none and I feel very happy in the knowledge that my students are able to enjoy their lessons without having to be submerged in a cocktail of chemicals with all of their parents also being very thankful of this. The after sales service is next level. Justin has been available and gone out of his way to assist with not only the installation of the system but guided me through the process of compliance with relevant authorities. I have tried several systems for my swim school over the years but Naked Pools is the easiest and most efficient I have ever had – I cannot recommend Justin and his team highly enough!”

Lisa Delle Coste

Peakhurst NSW

“Fantastic system. Every pool owner should have one of these installed if they want to swim in a chemical free pool and most importantly look after their family. I highly recommend that you give Naked Pools a call as you will not be disappointed. Happy swimming here.”

Thor McDowell

Newcastle NSW

“As a first-time pool owner, I must say that so far, this system is very easy to operate. The digital interface is very user friendly and so automated that I haven’t had to do anything since the installation 3 weeks ago. On the first week, I guess I found it hard to understand that there isn’t a lot I need to do and that the system takes care of itself. The water has been sparkling clear and feel really nice and fresh on your body, with no nasty chemical smells. I also want to note that the customer service I received from Naked-Pools has been fantastic. They were very helpful, patient and friendly to a beginner such as myself. Their response time was excellent and did their best to make sure things are running smoothly. Of course, it’s still early days, but I have a feeling this system will continue to power on and give me hassle free beautiful water for my family and myself to enjoy. I don’t expect any issues, but if some should arise, I’m confident I would still be able to rely on the helpful and professional advice from the Naked-Pools team.”

Eli Azuri

Sunshine Coast QLD

“We had a pool built a year ago and were going to install a salt water system as this is what we had at our old property. Luckily a neighbour recommended a fresh water system and we opted for a Naked Pools system. It was the best move we could have ever done. Being able to swim without the smell or taste of chlorine or salt has been fantastic and no stinging eyes. The system is very easy to use and basically runs itself. The after sales service has been awesome and the guys at Naked Pools go out of their way to assist you with any questions or issues you might have. I very rarely leave reviews but honestly wanted to praise this company because I really believe that anyone thinking of installing a pool should go for a Naked Pools fresh water system. Best thing we ever did!!!!”

Roy & Jackie Harding

Tamborine QLD

“The Waterco Hydroxypure system I ripped out and replaced with NKD1 was a huge success. My client was spending $600 a month yet the pool was always cloudy. Now it’s absolutely crystal clear. Love the product!”

Mark Stepleton

Currumbin Waters QLD

“We at Gary Michael Pools Pty Ltd are very happy to say we like installing the Naked Pool system. The ease of installation is great and initial automatic analysing of the water composition is most helpful. We are very happy to continue using Naked.”

Gary Michael

Sydney NSW

“In our renovation, the pool was the centrepiece of design. We used a recycled shipping container and added a SwimGym to increase the lure of use. And to complete the whole experience we wanted it to be a fresh water pool. I grew up swimming in strong chlorine pools my whole childhood. Now, I feel like I’m swimming in the best fresh water river around. No smell, no skin irritations and best of all, the Naked Pools system is so simple to use and it monitors everything you need to be assured the pool stays brilliantly clear and the water supremely fresh. We will never go back from this system.”


Byron Bay NSW

“The most advanced Ioniser system in existence. To anyone considering the NKD1 System, our clients with the system are extremely happy with it.”

Oxygem Pools

Sydney NSW

“My client was spending more than $300 per month on hydrogen peroxide and still couldn’t keep the water clean. After installing the NKD1 system, within 2 days the water has never been clearer and they’re saving a fortune on running costs. You guys are legends!”.

Aquatic Pool & Spas

Melbourne VIC

“As a pool builder we are asked more and more frequently for fresh water options. There have been other products marketed heavily in our 25 years however, none have proven themselves enough for us to recommend them. We only install equipment that is reliable, easy to use and with great customer service behind the product. Naked Pools definitely falls into this category and Rogers Pools is now more than happy to recommend this product for those wanting fresh water in their pools.”

Rogers Pools

Brisbane, QLD

“The team from Aqualon recently renovated our pool with new liner and filtration and sourced the NKD1 system from Naked Pools. Justin’s service, assistance and follow up was outstanding and the water quality is magnificent with no harsh chemicals.”

Andrew Vickers

Blackstone QLD

“We have just converted our salt pool to a freshwater pool. We thought that the NKD1 System was going to be good but WOW! We can not believe the clarity of the water and how clean and clear the waterfall & pebble beach section of our pool is. We have always struggled with algae in this area but after a week of the new system running it had completely eaten it away and it is now crystal clear. We are blown away & completely stoked with how vibrant our pool is now looking”.


Loganholme QLD

“We had the freshwater system installed on our new 135,000 litre pool at the beginning of summer and the pool has had plenty of use in that time. We have been very happy with the quality of the build and the performance. Copper levels have remained stable and the water has been great to swim in. I have no hesitation in recommending this quality product”.


Terranora NSW

“Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the new NKD1 system. I’ve not before seen such water clarity, it’s amazing and a little hard to describe. The water looks bright and inviting without any of the chlorine smells generated from previous pool systems I’ve had, and the only thing I’ve needed to add is a little bit of acid. The system itself is user friendly and prompts me on next steps giving me confidence I can work this new system with ease and understanding.”


Wynnum West QLD

“We have seen a trend of customers looking for a safe & friendly alternative to salt & chlorine systems for their pools. After a lot of homework we came across the Naked Pool System and could not be happier. We have installed a number of the units now and the feedback is all the same – all of our customers are over the moon with the system and can’t believe how glass clear & vibrant their pools are. Not often do you get customers ringing back to say how great something is – it really says a lot.”


Loganholme QLD

“Exceptional product, exceptional service. You’ll never want to swim in a chlorine/salt water pool again! It literally feels like your swimming in a fresh water river. Having young children, I no longer need to worry about eczema flare ups or the smell of chlorine in your skin and hair. The running costs are far less and the maintenance is minimal. I’ve never looked back!”

E Arnold

Gold Coast QLD

Changed over our pool from salt chlorination to the Naked pools system and couldn’t believe the difference in the feel and clarity of the water. It feels like your swimming in natural fresh water a tastes like it as well. So easy to maintain, very few chemicals and pretty much runs itself but for some monitoring once a month. Installation was completed in a very short time and if I have had any questions since then I get answers immediately.

Gary Weston

Melbourne VIC

“Hi Justin and the team at Naked, my family and I can’t thank you enough for your system. As first time pool owners my wife and I found your system easy to follow and your after service assistance awesome. Thanks again for giving us the clearest most natural pool ever without that chlorine stink”.

Richard C.

Shailer Park QLD

“The Naked filter system has blown away my expectations! I spend on average 36hrs per week in the water as a swim teacher, I used to run traditional salt filter/chlorination system.I started to suffer from chlorine sensitivity/burn. Running the Naked system I have been able to dramatically reduce the chlorine content of the pool due to the sanitising properties of the copper and silver that the Naked system provide. I no longer suffer from chlorine sensitivity. I only have good things to say about the Naked system and highly recommend Naked Pools, Justin and his team!”


Bangalow NSW