We’re all about clean, fresh water. Pure and simple

About Naked Pools Freshwater Pools Systems

Fully Australian owned with 40 years combined industry experience in pool innovation, we developed our incredible freshwater system that uses copper and silver instead of harmful chemicals to filter and sanitise pool water while preventing algae growth. It’s the same technology used by NASA to purify drinking water. What you’re left with is healthy, rejuvenating, crystal clear water.

We’re passionate about innovation, service and the total customer experience. Setting new benchmarks for water quality in the swimming pool and spa industry, while delivering a product that is simple to use, has lower running costs and easy to maintain all year round is what we do.

Our primary focus is the experience our customers will enjoy swimming in a freshwater pool. As well as the water being crystal clear, with less chlorine than your average tap water, the pool water has a much softer feel on the skin. Leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated with no residue on the skin and no need to shower after swimming.

Freshwater Pool Systems.

The hybrid NKD-R Freshwater System is made up of a digital control unit which supplies and manages current to the electrode assembly (OXI & ION Cell). Electrolysis passes through the copper and silver anodes, releasing the ions into the water. The silver disinfects the water controlling bacteria and the copper prevents algae growth. The minerals left in the water form a residual that continues to sanitise the water.


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