Striking the right balance

Naked Pools is thrilled to announce its new NKD-pH Controller to compliment the NKD-R and NKD-C Freshwater Systems. Since its inception, Naked Pools has revolutionised the conventional approach to pool sanitisation. Challenging expectations, Naked Pools utilises technology that has been embraced by NASA for recycling and reusing precious water in space – employing a system that utilises silver and copper to ionise your pool water, eliminating algae, bacteria, and unwanted organisms. Thereby reducing the chlorine levels in your pool to a concentration that is comparable to drinking water.

Extending this same innate drive for pioneering technology to its pH system, Naked Pools’ NKD-pH controller is an automatic acid feeder to ensure your pool remains at the perfect pH, benefiting both your skin and health.

Naked Pools consistently strives for complete customer satisfaction and endeavours to provide solutions that revolutionise its client’s lives. Five years on from Naked Pools’ innovative Naked Freshwater System, the company has introduced the NKD-pH controller as an easy way to manage your pool’s chemical balance. It is true that the Naked Freshwater System technology used reduces the amount of chemicals needed to ensure every pool remains clean and hygienic and so harmonising the water balance and acid demand is typically easier to maintain. However, Naked Pools responded to customer demand and is introducing a technology that will integrate seamlessly into your existing system, making monitoring your pool’s chemical balance a breeze.

The unit offers two options for managing the acid dosing: daily dosing based on pool size or based on pH demand, the latter determined using your weekly results. The system uses the same digital interface already available with the Naked System, making it a friendly face for loyal Naked Pools’ customers. Additionally, the system is probe free, eliminating the need to clean and calibrate the probes.

Naked Pools is delighted to be responding to its customer’s feedback and is honoured to be able to provide helpful solutions that improve the quality of life for its clients.

Download NKD-pH Brochure