Naked Pools & Focus Products partnership

Who would have thought!!

A company manufacturing a Freshwater Sanitisation System joins forces with a company that sells chemicals! But that is exactly the new partnership between Naked Pools and Focus Products for the retail consumer market. Focus promotes ‘swim more, work less’ and ‘less is more’ when it comes to pool chemicals which is an ideal fit for our freshwater pools.

“Consumers are looking for alternatives to the traditional chlorine or salt chlorinated pools, and with one in three Aussies suffering from some kind of skin condition or asthma, a ‘smart’ freshwater solution is the next obvious choice”, says Focus Managing Director, Steven Humphris.

What it brings for pool builders and their customers is the largest professional retail network in Australia for ongoing support of freshwater pools after handover.

“This really should add even greater confidence to the builder market to know their customers will be fully supported by a national network of stores, not to mention the professional technology provided through both companies with comprehensive software, online resources and the soon to be released Naked Pools App” says Milne from Naked Pools.

The retailer and customer now have a full toolkit to easily maintain their healthy, crystal clear freshwater pool all year round.

Contact: Darren Milne
Phone: 1800 625 331
Email: [email protected]

Contact: Steven Humphris
Phone: 1300 136 287
Email: [email protected]