Discover why more Australians are getting Naked in their backyard pool.

Naked Pools – Gold Winner of Product Of The Year Award
Victoria and Tasmania, 2021 SPASA Australia

Other accolades:

Gold Winner of New Product of the Year Award Victoria and New South Wales, Gold Winner of the Sustainable Product Award Western Australia and New Zealand, Highly Commended for Sustainable Product Award in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia, Highly Commended for New Product Award South Australia, National Finalist for New Product and Product of the Year Award at the 2021 SPASA Australia Awards of Excellence

Following on from its success in 2020, Naked Pools stole the show in the Products category at this year’s SPASA Australia Awards of Excellence, taking home six Golds, including Product of the Year Award in Victorian and Tasmania, New Product of the Year Award in Victorian and New South Wales, and Sustainable Product Award in Western Australia and New Zealand, plus many high commendations. Company director Darren Milne shares his insights about Naked Pools’ multi-award-winning product.

Through quality manufacturing, the company’s Naked Freshwater System impresses builders and homeowners alike. “The fresh water means it’s not only better for the swimmers, it’s better for the pool equipment and surrounds,” Milne explains. The system even allows for the water to be reused on gardens or stored in holding tanks, which is “one of the key environmental benefits alongside lower chemical consumption”. Naked Pools’ Naked Pools NKD-R Freshwater System is easy to install thanks to its “unique design and digital software”, instilling full confidence in pool owners across the country.

After spending years developing and testing its first freshwater system, Naked Pools entered the market in 2018 and is now a highly successful company throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, having installed more than 4000 products and providing pool builders and owners a quality freshwater experience in their own pool. Milne says that “to win sustainable product awards is one of the key reasons we actually started the company”, and is “extremely proud to have been recognised by the industry as the most awarded sanitisation system for 2020 and 2021 seasons”.

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