5 big reasons for freshwater pools

As the fresh water in a freshwater pool does not contain a cocktail of chemicals there are many reasons it’s both better for you and your family as well as the environment.

It uses a combination of copper and silver ionisation along with oxidation to treat the pool water. This delivers up to 70% less salt/mineral levels than its rivals, resulting in record low levels of chlorine which is no different to what comes out of your household tap.

The water can be back-washed to your garden without dilution. Run times of your sanitiser and pump will be reduced by at least half, as the sanitising agents are not affected by sunlight (UV) as is the case with Chlorine (or Salt) pools.

  1. Reduced running costs by up to $1000 per year. Less power consumption is always better for the environment, as well as saving you money over the longevity of your pool.
  2. Backwash straight to your garden without dilution. You can use the water from your pool directly onto your garden lawn and plants. Not only does this save water, but there are also no hazardous chemicals going down the public drainage systems.
  3. Your pools equipment will last longer. Without the harsh chemicals of chlorine and in particular salt chlorinated swimming pools, your pool filters, pipes, tiles and other surrounds will last much longer. Again, saving you money and the need to replace products such as plastic or glass from around your pool.
  4. Your swimwear will last longer. Your clothes won’t deteriorate like they do when swimming in chlorine or salt pools. In fact, the water is just like having a shower. So less need for rinsing your bathers and yourself after swimming.
  5. Reduction in chemical usage. You are not required to add or generate those harmful chemicals in your swimming pool. In particular, the selling of chlorine and associated chemicals is a multi-billion dollar industry, which those massive companies don’t want you to be aware that there are better products that work equally if not better than chlorine and much less harmful to the environment and your health. There are five great benefits of an NKD-R system above, but ultimately all these lead to one major point:

    You will have Crystal Clear Water that will make your pool look AMAZING all year round!