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Congratulations on choosing a Naked Freshwater system for your pool. At Naked, we’re not just dedicated to creating the ultimate swimming experience. We’re committed to ensuring you have the best pool ownership experience too.

The page below outlines everything you need to know as a new Naked owner to ensure a hassle-free, crystal clear swimming pool all year round.

First things first…

Startup Kit

Did you receive your Naked Starter Pack that comes with every System? This includes your Naked Water Test Bottle, Copper Test and User Guide. These are all important to helping you understand and maintain your new freshwater swimming pool or swim-spa. You have probably done this already, but if not, scan the barcode on either the Starter Pack or the Water Test Bottle to download our App for all the details about using the tools in this pack, but there is also more detail below.

Introduction to your Naked Freshwater Pool

User Guide

User Guide

The User Guide is a simple to understand overview of your Freshwater System including the pH Controller if installed. The guide will give you an understanding of the control unit, it’s components but also a general understanding of water balance and pool maintenance. For much more detail you can refer to our Help Centre and the Naked App.

Download User Guide

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Naked App

Our App is a simple to use help centre, designed to assist you with all the information you require to manage your system and pool in general.

If you go to Understand Your Naked Pool in the App this will guide you through exactly how test your water and features plenty of handy tips of how to look after your pool.

Download the App

Help Centre

Help Centre

Like the Naked App, our Online Help Centre contains everything you need to know about your Freshwater System including some very handy videos to get you started to better understand your new swimming pool. You can also log any support tickets or warranty claims directly from the site.

Visit the Help Centre

copper test kit

Copper Test Kit

The Copper Test Kit (CTK) is used to test the copper levels in your pool. The use of copper ions in the water, opposed to high chlorine levels, provides that crystal clear, freshwater swimming experience. We suggest testing this every 1-2 weeks in summer and every 4-6 weeks in winter.

How to test copper

Control Unit

The Control Unit

The Control Unit acts as the brain of your swimming pool, just as the pump is the heart and the filter is the lungs. This section delves into the technical details of the Control Unit, providing helpful how-to videos on pool setup, boost features and managing run times for your pump, filter, and possibly heating system. Dive in to master your pool’s operations!

Control Unit How to Videos

complete customer care

If you’ve never had a pool before, the first months or even year can be daunting and you may be a little overwhelmed with what is required to manage and maintain the pool water and equipment. For systems purchased in Australia, our Complete customer Care Plan exists to put you at ease and provide you with all the resources you need to maintain your pool and save you money.

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"Our pool is so low maintenance and the odd time we need assistance the customer service has been amazing!"

Rachel Jan

Gold Coast

"The water quality is second to none and is gentle on the most sensitive of skin."

Natalie Finneran

"There aren’t many businesses left that provide after sales services like this anymore. Kudos to the Naked pools team."

Courtland Williams

"I’ve now had this system for over 2 years it’s been amazing - no more chemicals. Had 2 friends also made the switch to the naked system after my recommendation and have never looked back. "

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"The best thing we ever done to our pool."

Kit Anderson

Mudgeeraba, QLD

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